jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2007

Describen el trailer de Sweeney Todd

The trailer opens with the usual studio logos, but quickly transforms the Warner Bros. logo into the streets of London. There is some great eerie music in the beginning, as the narrator explains that a barber named Benjamin Barker (Depp) had everything he could ever want (wife, kids, etc.) until some corrupt government officials arrest him and “take everything he’s ever loved.” Barker returns to London to find wife and kid dead, changes his name to Sweeney Todd, and decides to use his profession to exact revenge on those that wronged him.

Alan Rickman plays the government official responsible for Barker’s incarceration, but apparently he does not recognize him as Sweeney Todd. He is shown sitting in Sweeney Todd’s terrifying attic barbershop, which puts him in a very compromised position. There’s no telling whether or not this is early or late in the film, nor what will happen to his character as a result.

When the trailer really gets going, there is an awesome shot of Todd’s ghost ship appearing through the fog, perhaps signaling an escape from bondage. It looks amazing, and there is a driving violin progression which really amps up the energy of the movie.

It’s also really great how the early portions of the trailer (the Benjamin Barker portions) are bright and colorful, while the Sweeney Todd portions are evident of the darkest times in London. It’s a great contrast and really sets the mood of the movie.


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